Our Story

Walias travelled five thousand miles away from home to get to the pretty country town of Taunton. Away from grandmother’s courtyard, and mother’s kitchen the pangs for the known comfort of a good curry led Manveena and Chandeep on a search for the great Indian meal. After trying out many restaurants, the two realized that Britain despite its great curry culture is still missing the touch of grandmother’s hand. They decided to recreate the tastes of their mother’s cooking in their own kitchen. When they found the perfect recipe, they figured it was too good to not be shared.

Somerset Curry Club was formed in October 2011 as a pop-up restaurant with the intention of bringing together community over a steaming hot curry. The club was received with great gusto and warmth in over fifty villages. We unrolled the red carpets and worked up some ladle magic as people thronged to the local village halls for a date with us. We organized curry evenings that started with appetizers, proceeded with a buffet style main course meal and a delicious Indian dessert finally closing with loud applause, warm hugs and love. Repeated invitations from the villagers to “please come back again” followed.

We knew our curry needed a home where families could join us every evening. However, nobody was willing to give us a chance. No one was betting on us. But we always had lovers of curry on our side.

The venture eventually expanded into cookery courses with regular coverage in media  and a distinct brand recognition in the community. For two years we ran a weekend stall in the Street. Encouraged by all the love we are now ready to give the best curry in Somerset a home.

We have won people’s hearts by experimenting with food, offering fresh menus and healthy recipes, in the process gathering a deep understanding of people’s preferences and tastes. When we started, we promised people the best curry of their lives. We will continue to keep the promise. So, sit back, enjoy and soak in the experience that we bring to your table alongside the food because as we said earlier, we are only getting started.